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Massey Ferguson - Hay & Forage Tools

Massey Ferguson range of Hay & Silage Tools include a comprehensive package of Mowers, Rakes and Tedders for all grassland harvesting applications. With the DM range of Disc Mowers and Mower Conditioners, RK Range of Single, Twin and Four Rotor Rakes and the TD range of Tedders with between 5.2 and 12.7m working width

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MF Hay & Forage Tools
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Massey Ferguson Hay & Forage Tools Tractor - Model Information


Make: Massey Ferguson
Model: Hay & Forage Tools

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• HP:
• Engine Capacity:
• Torque:
• Cylinders:
• Width:
• Length:
• Height:
• Weight:
• Transmission:
• Wheelbase:

Massey Ferguson Hay & Forage Tools tractor, download full brochure

With the addition of this impressive range of MF Hay & Forage equipment to its current Tractor, Harvesting & Materials Handling portfolio, Massey Ferguson is proud to offer a full-line of equipment, including high quality, robust and energy-efficient Mowers, Conditioners, Tedders and Rakes.

DM Disc Mowers:
The MF DM 205, MF DM 246 and MF DM 287 provide a very sturdy and economical solution to the small and medium size farm without compromising quality and finish. Ideally suited to farmers with low horsepower tractors or a limited amount of mowing to carry out, these mowers boast a host of features you would expect to find on larger, more expensive machines.

Low Weight with wide coverage:
Disc mowers with spur gear drive have great appeal thanks to their long working life and low operating costs. The lightweight construction maximises the yield even when smaller tractors are used because, with the disc mowers, considerably wider working widths can be achieved. Ease of maintenance is another positive feature these lightweight mowers offer.

Exact Cut:
The gear bed cutter bar is precision engineered. With elliptical discs, rotating swathformers and robust conveyor drums, it is possible to achieve a clean cutting pattern and good forage throughput even on difficult terrain

Drive Guard:
Every farmer knows from experience that foreign objects accidentally drawn into the mower can cause significant damage.

Massey Ferugson prevents precisely this kind of damage with driveGUARD® – a top notch overload protection system.

When the mower disc becomes jammed by a foreign object the driveGUARD® shears off at the predetermined breaking points. This interrupts the power train and the mower disc turns freely.

The driveGUARD® offers the customer extremely cost-effective and reliable protection because, once the mower has been fitted with one, only the throw-away overload disc will have to be replaced if the need arises.

Rear Mounted:
MF DM 255 P & MF DM 306 P

The Professional Series disc mowers feature individual compact angular gears that provide an extremely smooth power transfer to all discs, resulting in less wear than a conventional gear drive and ensuring a longer and more reliable cutter bar life. They also feature rupture protection for safety in the event of hitting a large obstacle. The wedge shaped bar provides the added benefit of a low cut and the ‘Big Disc’ design ensures a large overlap, which results in a clean cut even in the face of high volume and difficult crops.

The modular design enables quick and easy servicing in the field, should it be required

3 point linkage Centre support:
MF DM 306 TL, MF DM 306 TL-KC, MF DM 357 TL, MF DM 357 TL-KC & MF DM 408 TL
•Rear-mounted mower for medium power classes
•Hydro-pneumatic suspension
•Ease of handling

Hydropneumatic Suspension:
Infinitely variable ground pressure control, with the ability to change ground pressure on the move as field conditions vary.
•Free-floating cutting
•Patented sliding guide
•Adaptable to a variety of conditions
•Improved cutting quality
•Reduced load on the support frame, support tube and three-point linkage
•Gentle on the turf sward
•Reduced forage contamination
•Accurate support and guidance of the mowing bar
•Very good adjustment to the ground

Trailed Centre Support:
MF DM 306 HS
•Versatile, trailed mower
•Centrally controlled drawbar linkage
•driveGUARD protection

Semi-Mounted with a single wheel:
MF DM 306 TRS & MF DM 408 TRS

The MF DM 306 TRS and MF DM 408 TRS’s unique design facilitates wide mowing and narrow transport width without the need for high horsepower tractors. The proven compact angular cutter bar and KC conditioning unit provides an economical, productive and efficient result.

The cutter bar is mounted at the outermost points on the sturdy support frame. In conjunction with the parallel adaptation of the mower to uneven ground, the mower is reliably prevented from piercing the sward – for the best quality forage without contamination. Due to the specially developed trailed suspension mounting of the cutter bar, the ground pressure is reduced to a minimum – whatever the pivot movement.

Front Mounted Mower conditioners:
MF DM 306 FZ & MF DM 306 FP
•Perfect for operating in mower combinations
•Hydraulic movement system for harvesting without losses
•Three-dimensional sensing of the ground contours

Spring parallelogram
•Optimally located
•Minimal spring contraction during oscillating movement of the mower unit
•Ground pressure is only marginally higher

Conditioning process
•Tine and roller conditioners available
•Gentle forage treatment
•No crushing
•Less loss due to crumbling compared to flail conditioners

Conditioner intensity
•Adaptable to a variety of conditions
•Easily adjustable to four position without tools
•In case of damage, it is easy to replace individual elements

Simple direct-drive concept
•Shear screw overload protection
•Low weight
•Easy to pull – little additional power demand

High Performance Range of Rakes : RK Series:

Excellent raking quality, easy handling and a durable design – these qualities give you good reason to buy a Massey Ferguson rake.

Single Rotor Rake:
Excellent raking quality, easy handling and a durable design – these qualities give you good reason to buy a Massey Ferguson single-rotor rake.

Rake Head:
The rake head from Massey Ferguson is impressive because of its enclosed design that protects all of the important components against dirt and dust. This design is a guarantee for a long service life. The optimised shape of the cam track, which is made of spheroidal graphite cast iron, provides maximum smooth running and quick, precise lifting of the tines. The large-dimensioned drive unit and the precision manufactured tine arm housing made of aluminium alloy are both good examples of modern and practice-proven design

Two and Four Rotor Rakes:
These days, large rakes are key machines in the forage harvesting chain – a failure can result in the stoppage of expensive machines, and could cause enormous costs. You should therefore entertain no compromises with your new rake and put your trust in quality and operational reliability. Massey Ferguson has combined its years of experience with the latest technical knowledge and, from these, developed a range of high performance large-scale rakes.

The practical features that all machines share are:
•Robust construction
•Ease of operation
•Outstanding raking quality

Two rotor central delivery:
MF RK 662 TRC, MF RK 762 TRC and MF RK 802 TRC:
•The all-rounders
•Automatic working width preselection
•Optimum swath formation

Four Rotor Central Delivery Rake:
With its four rotors and a working width of 12.5 metres, this rake provides an optimum swath and, as a result, optimum capacity utilisation.

The model was specially developed for large-scale farms, contractors as well as inter-farm use. The simple yet extremely robust construction of the MF RK 1254 TRC is easy to operate, which increases its flexibility when used on more than one farm

Best harvest with TD range of Tedders :

When it comes to drying hay, it’s nearly impossible to beat Mother Nature.

Of course, farmers have utilised nature’s resources – like the wind and sun – for as long as seeds have been planted in the ground. Today, you can accelerate Mother Nature’s gifts by spreading the crop with a professional-grade Massey Ferguson TD Series tedder

Fast and low impact tedding:
Only equal-sided tines allow you to achieve an optimum mixing of your highquality forage. This is known as the comb effect since, during the process the different layers of forage are perfectly mixed together and turned, providing the optimum production of high-quality forage.

Tines with sides of equal length also provide the benefit that you do not need right-hand and left-hand tines but only one kind of tine, which makes spare parts management easier.

Find suitable parts for the Massey Ferguson Hay & Forage Tools on and
buy every original Hay & Forage Tools part online.

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