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Frequently Asked Questions at Chandlers Used Massey Tractors

If you do not find below the answer to the question you were looking for, Chandlers Used Massey Tractors experienced and helpful sales team will be pleased to assist you with information on any of the frequently asked questions, or anything else you need to know. Chandlers Used Massey Tractors are one of the largest used Massey Tractor retailers in the UK, and can supply you your next used Massey Tractor where ever you are in the UK, Europe or the rest of the World

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find below information on some of the most frequently asked questions that we get asked at Chandlers Used Massey Ferguson tractors, hopefully you will find this information useful, however this is far from comprehensive and if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us as we will be pleased to help.

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I am looking for a model of MF tractor that you do not have advertised, do you sell other models of used Massey Tractor ?

Yes we do, we supply the full range of used Massey tractors that were originally sold new in the UK over the past 20-30 years. Although unfortunately we do not currently have the model of tractor you were looking for, our used Massey tractor stock is changing all the time, and if you contact Chandlers Used Massey Tractors, by email, phone or fax with your requirements, we will keep a record of what tractor you are looking for and as soon as we have one, we will contact you.

Alternatively you can click on the NOTIFY ME button, so that when any new second hand Massey tractor stock is added to the site, you will be kept up to date and be the first to see the new stock .

Please note that we only have available good quality second hand Massey Ferguson tractors that were supplied in the UK originally, for example we do not have stock or availability of MF240/MF290 that are not supplied into the UK market originally.


How often is the Used Massey Ferguson Tractors website updated with new stock ?

The Chandlers Used Massey Ferguson Tractors website is updated daily with changes to the stock of good quality used MF tractors. All the tractors on the website are available for sale, and are owned by Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd.


I do not live in Lincolnshire or the surrounding area, can I still buy a used Massey tractor from Chandlers ?

No problem, Chandlers Used Massey Ferguson Tractors supply good quality pre-owned, ex. demo, ex hire and second hand tractors of all ages throughout the UK and Europe. We have many satisfied customers who regularly purchase their used Massey Ferguson tractors from Chandlers even though they do not have a local Chandlers depot.

Chandlers Used Massey Tractors can arrange everything for you including haulage (within the UK) or for export to a convenient dock.


What is Transport Spec on a Massey Ferguson Tractor ?

Transport Spec (specification) - shown usually as TR after the model number - is a package available on the MF6400 series of Massey tractors, that includes the following features : Front axle suspension (Quadlink), CCLS hydraulics (Closed Centre Load Sensing), welded wheels (fixed centre wheel dishes - rather than separate bolt in lugs and pans), Dyna-6 Autodrive transmission (rather than speedmatching), EEM (Electronic Engine Management - with Dual Speed Control - A/B pre-set engine revs), Extra work-lights and Pivoting Front Fenders (rather than fixed standard ones).


Can I get finance on purchase of a Used Massey Tractor from Chandlers ?

Yes, Chandlers can arrange finance on your purchase of a used Massey tractor through our finance partner, AGCO finance (parent company of Massey Ferguson).

AGCO finance have a network of finance managers throughout the UK who will be able to complete the necessary paperwork, and arrange competitive priced finance for either Hire Purchase or Lease of the tractor throughout the UK with the minimum of fuss (subject to status).


What warranty are the used Massey Ferguson tractors you have for sale supplied with ?

Many of the good used Massey Ferguson tractors we have for sale will still be under Massey Ferguson manufacturer's warranty - as part of the excellent Manager 5, Massey Ferguson warranty scheme. This scheme is the official Massey Ferguson manufacturers scheme (not insurance based - like many warranty schemes), and provides industry leading levels of breakdown cover, for up to 5 years and 6,000hrs from the date of first warranty registration.

Any older used Massey Ferguson tractors, or ones that are not covered by this scheme will be supplied in excellent working order, fully serviced by Chandlers factory trained technicians. In our local area Chandlers can offer a range of extended warranty options on all our good used Massey tractors at very economic prices.


How do I arrange to view in person a used Massey Tractor I have seen on your stock list ?

You are welcome to view in person any of the used Massey Tractors you see listed on our retail website by contacting Chandlers Used Massey Tractors by either email, fax or phone. One of our helpful sales team will confirm the location of the tractor and arrange a local contact to show you around the tractor.

We recommend that you contact Chandlers Used Massey Tractors prior to your visit, because as busy Massey Tractor dealers, we are constantly moving our tractors between depots for showing to customers, and they may not be at the depot location originally listed at on the stock list.

If however you do not have a particular used Massey tractor in mind, but would just like to call in to browse in person, you will be made welcome at any of our depots, come if for a coffee and a chat with one of our agricultural sales team to discuss your requirements.


What is a Comfort Pack on a Massey tractor ?

The exact specification features vary depending on whether it is a 5400 or 6400 range of tractor, but essentially it includes the following features : Air conditioning, Pneumatic Seat (air seat), wide telescopic mirrors, passenger seat, rear screen wash wipe and adjustable steering column.


I am interested in a used Massey Tractor I have seen on your website, but I need some more photos can you send them to me ?

We would be pleased to. If you need any further information or photos sending on any of the used Massey Ferguson tractors you see on our stock list we will be pleased to send them direct to your email.

With the very wide range of features and options available on the excellent Massey Ferguson tractors, we do not always get every single detail loaded onto the website (although we do our best), if you have any specific specification requirements (eg. number of spool valves, economy pto, extra work lights etc.), please let us know and we will check carefully that the tractor you are looking at exactly matches the specification you require.


What are SMS spools on a MF tractor ?

SMS spools are Massey Ferguson closed centre load sensing electronic spools (Spool Management System), and are fully programmable for flow rate and timing, and are integrated seamlessly into the Datatronic headland management system (if fitted - either can be supplied separately). SMS spools come either as finger tip control or on the armrest cross-gate joystick (giving two spools on a single lever).


I want to find a used Massey tractor with a front linkage, can I search the site to find only tractors with front linkages ?

Yes, it is easy to search the stock of Used Massey tractors and display only tractors that have got a front linkage. In the Search box (shown on every page), just type in front linkage and click on the Search button. Only Massey tractors with front linkages will be displayed. If you want to see the full stock list again, just click on the View all button. This will work for any other feature you are looking for on a tractor, for example air brakes or cab suspension. If you are looking for a particular model of tractor, just type it into the search box, eg. MF6480.


What is Datatronic on a Massey Ferguson tractor ?

Datatronic is Massey Ferguson' s integrated tractor information and control system. Information on area worked (Datatronic comes with true ground-speed radar), fuel consumption and headland management systems are combined in one easy to use terminal. Datatronic has evolved over the generations of Massey tractors, first available on the 3000 range of tractors, Data II came out on the 6200 and 8200 range of tractors with increased features, while the 6400 / 7400 and 8400 series tractors launched in 2003 saw the launch of Data III (Datatronic 3), which is available in full colour and can be linked into ISObus control implements and items like rear view camera's etc.


Why buy a used Massey Tractor ?

The Massey Ferguson brand has been established for many years, and has a long heritage back to the day of the grey Fergie.
Massey Ferguson tractors are reliable tractors, and many older tractors you will see on farms used daily are MF.
Massey have always been the first to introduce ground breaking technology, so usually your used Massey tractor of what ever age will be more advanced that its competitors. Used MF tractors offer unrivalled value for money.
MF tractors benefit from the excellent 10+ parts range especially for tractors over 10 years old, and you will always be able to get a spare part for a Massey tractor - off the shelf - due to the huge numbers of Massey tractors sold worldwide.
Chandlers Used Massey Tractors does not just support new tractors, but offers 5 star dealer backup for the life of your tractor.


Do you have any MF290 tractors ?

Sorry, but this model of Massey Ferguson tractor is not readily available in the UK. You could consider the Massey Ferguson 4200 or MF 4300 ranges of tractor, or MF300 series, that would be the closest equivalent tractor available second hand in the UK.


Why should I login to Used Massey Ferguson Tractors ?

We have created a members login area so that you can create a list of 'Favourites' to view again later. This login can then be used to view your favourites on any web-browser, at any time. If the tractor you have been looking at gets sold, you will be notified by email, and other similar tractors for sale will be suggested. We hope that you like this feature, with the large choice of used Massey Tractors available for sale, it should help you keep track of the tractors you have viewed and may be interested in finding again later. Your details wil not be shared with any other companies. In the future we will add other special features for our Used Massey Ferguson tractors members.... so join up now !


What are my recently viewed Massey tractors ?

The recently viewed tractors section displays up to the last four used massey ferguson stock tractors that you have looked at. This makes it easy for you to navigate back to them later. The recently viewed tractors section is visible on most of the pages on the website, but you can find it again by clicking on the 'Used Stock List' tab if it is not currently displayed.


What is the RSS feed on Used Massey Ferguson Tractors ?

The RSS feed on the Chandlers Used Massey Ferguson tractors website provides a quick and easy way to be updated with all the fresh stock added to the website using an RSS Feed reader, without having to visit the website each day. You can add an RSS reader on your normal web-browser, or a specialist one on your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device. To find out about how to use the RSS feed on the Used MF tractors website (Orange radio logo), this BBC news website article provides a good explaination


What are my Favourites on Used Massey Tractors ?

On each tractors details page, you will see the 'my favouites' logo. If you click on this, it will add the tractor to a personalised list of your favourite tractors. This should help you find the ones you liked the look of at a later date. As part of creating 'your favourites' list, you will need to create a login for the members area of website. This is completely free, only takes a couple of seconds and we will never share your details with any other companies. In the future other special features will be added that will only be available in the members area... so add a tractor as a favourite and become a member of the Used Massey Tractors website.


Why would I want to create an account to login to the Used Massey Ferguson Tractors website ?

You can view all the tractors and information on the Used Massey Ferguson tractors website without creating an account, but for your convenience we have created a members login area on the Chandlers Used Massey Ferguson tractors website. This will allow you to store details of the Used Massey Ferguson tractors that you found of interest so that you can return at any time in the future (on any computer, smartphone or tablet) and easily find the tractor that you have previously looked at by logging back into your account. Just login, and then click on the 'add to my favourites' button alongside each used Massey Ferguson tractor listed on the website.

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