My First Massey Ferguson Tractor

Chandlers (Farm Equipment) 4th generation gets his First Massey Ferguson Tractor.

Fraser Hart, Grandson of Managing Director Howard Pell of Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd is clearly delighted to be driving his first Massey Ferguson tractor!

He might have a bit of growing up to do before his needs a range topping MF8690 or even a more moderate sized MF6480 ! … Or even a toy tractor with pedals, but everyone at Chandlers is pleased to see he has already made a good choice with this ‘push’ powered Massey Ferguson toy tractor model.

20120923-113942 AM.jpg

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4 Responses to My First Massey Ferguson Tractor

  1. Alan says:

    Looks great, Father Christmas may well be getting the peddle version for my son. Only downside is that I suspect I may be a little too big for it.

  2. Chandlers have a good selection of pedal toy tractors in stock, don’t forget to get your orders in plenty of time for delivery for Christmas as they become very popular at this time of year.

  3. Forgot to mention the full range of Massey Pedal tractors can be found at :

    You can also get a wide range of trailers and accessories for your Massey Pedal tractor :

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