50 Shades of Grey (Ferguson)

In honour of the now best selling book “50 Sheds of Grey” the rather amusing Yorkshire mans spoof of the book series popular with women the country over, we thought for the tractor enthusiasts out there that there ought to be a version of the book titled “50 Shades of Grey (Ferguson). … Perhaps the more creative amongst you could add your input below in the comments…

The worlds most poplar and recognised tractor brand Massey Ferguson came to popularity with the Grey Ferguson, manufactured from 1946 to 1956. To find out more about the history of the Grey Fergie take a look at the Wikipedia article.

50 Shades of Grey (Ferguson)

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Massey Ferguson 1979 Company Video

Massey Ferguson in the pre-AGCO days, Company Video from 1979

This company video from Massey Ferguson shows the worldwide manufacturing and product range of Massey Ferguson at the end of the 1970’s.

Massey Ferguson 1979 Company Video.

Things have changed somewhat since the take over of Massey Ferguson by AGCO, but the Beauvais tractor factory in Northern France, featured in the video has gone from strength to strength. Watch a time-lapse video of the manufacturing of a Massey Ferguson tractor.

Watch a Massey Ferguson Tractor being built at the Beauvais Factory in France

Updated showreel of industrial motion control timelapse imagery, from all 3 shoots photographed at the AGCO / Massey Ferguson manufacturing plant in Beauvais, France.

Watch a Massey Ferguson tractor being built at the Beauvais Factory in northern France, in this amazing time-lapse photography video. At the Massey Ferguson factory over 100 tractors are produced everyday along the modern moving production and assembly line, where all the parts come together almost as fast as in this video.

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Chandlers opens new MF depot at Lutterworth

Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd. are in the process of opening a brand new Massey Ferguson tractor depot at Arkwright Hill Industrial Park, Lutterworth Road, Cosby, Leicestershire. The new depot will supply new and used Massey Ferguson tractors, combines, balers, front end loaders and Massey telescopic handlers, as well as tractors from AGCO sister brands Fendt and Challenger. The new Chandlers Massey tractor depot will serve local Leicestershire farmers between Market Harborough, Northampton, Birmingham and Ashby.

The new Chandlers depot will be officially opening early in the spring of 2013, in brand new 10,000 sq. ft. premises, ideally located close to the M1 motorway, just a few miles to the South of the junction 21 on the M1 (the M1-M69 Leicester junction), on the Lutterworth road (the A426). The depot will feature a large indoor MF tractor and machinery showroom, well stocked Massey parts department, workshops large enough for eight tractor servicing bays, and a large outdoor new and used tractor and machinery display area.

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Massey Ferguson tractors supplied as standard with Cesar DATATAG

From the beginning of 2013, Massey Ferguson will now be fitting the Cesar DATATAG security system as standard on all tractor models from the MF 5400 series and above. The Cesar plant and vehicle registration scheme is now standard on all tractors built in the Beauvais factory, including all models in the MF 5400, MF 5600, MF 6400, MF 7600 and MF 8600 ranges.

This fitting of the Cesar DATATAG system is a major benefit to customers, with most insurers providing a discount on the insurance premium with the Cesar DATATAG fitted.


MF is also now offering the option of AgCommand – a GPS- and telemetry-based tracking and monitoring system. This helps protect against theft by automatically sending alerts to owners when a vehicle leaves or enters certain areas, as well as providing a comprehensive fleet management system. The AgCommand system can be accessed in mobile format on the brand new iPad app, making good use of modern technology to make both security and management easier

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AGCOMMAND app launched for the iPad and iPhone to assist in monitoring your Massey Ferguson tractor performance and output


Massey Ferguson parent company AGCO have recently launched a brand new app for your iPhone or iPad to monitor tractor output, performance and location from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet. The AGCOMAND telemetry system is fully integrated with the Massey Ferguson tractor, baler or combine can-bus electronic system and can report a wide range of machine performance and setting information, as well as the tractors past and current location. This easy to use intuitive app makes the process of monitoring on your harvest or cultivation progress quick and easy, and possible from where ever you are out and about getting on with other important jobs on the farm, rather than being stuck in the office.

AGCOMMAND iPad and iPhone app
Find out all about the AGCOMMAND app on the AGCOblog or download the Massey Ferguson AGCOMMAND app. It is completely free, and if you don’t have an AGCOMMAND login yet to check on your Massey tractors, then you can check out how it works in demo mode.

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New Range of Massey Ferguson 5600 series tractors launched at the EIMA Show

Massey Ferguson 5600: Radical design sets new benchmark.

New MF 5600 Series Tractors from 85 – 105 Horsepower blends Straight-forward Operation, High Comfort levels and Control

Download the brochure on the Brand New Massey Ferguson 5600 series tractors

The completely new Massey Ferguson MF 5600 Series tractors blend sophisticated features with straight-forward operation, comfort and control.

Watch the launch video of the brand new Massey Ferguson 5600 series here, it shows the MF5600 series tractors in action

The new tractors set the new benchmark in terms of engine power, torque and manoeuvrability and offer operators exceptional performance in the yard and field or on the road. The pioneering AGCO POWER three cylinder, 3.3 litre capacity engine meets the most stringent emissions limits with just the addition of a maintenance-free DOC and an element of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). This simple design cleans up the exhaust gases while providing an enormous space saving to accommodate a highly efficient cooling system as well as a high visibility bonnet.

The MF 5608, MF 5609 and MF 5610 will replace the existing, highly acclaimed steep nose MF 5430, MF 5440 and MF 5450 models, building on their success by including even more enhancements that further improve operation, particularly for loader work. “The MF 5600 Series provide the most straight-forward and practical answer to meeting the latest emission regulations in this tractor power bracket,” says Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson Brand Development Manager. “The radical new design sets the new benchmark for loader tractors with an engine size and power that is exactly right for the job. With the MF 5400 from Massey Ferguson we set the standard and now with the MF 5600 Series were are further raising the bar to ensure livestock and mixed farmers do not have to compromise by employing older, out-dated designs.”

New MF 5600 Series tractor specifications
MF5608 – 85hp (max power at 2,000 rpm) – 363Nm (max torque at 1,600 rpm)
MF5609 – 95hp (max power at 2,000 rpm) – 405Nm (max torque at 1,600 rpm)
MF5610 – 105hp (max power at 2,000 rpm)- 413Nm (max torque at 1,600 rpm)


MF 5600 features:
– Pioneering, economical AGCO POWER three cylinder, 3.3 litre engine – exactly the right size for the task, using straight-forward technology as a maintenance free way of meeting latest emissions legislation
– Sophisticated Dyna-4 ECO 16/16 transmission with new brake-pedal activated transmission to neutral feature, along with Autodrive now available on 85-105 hp tractors, maximises output
– New, spacious, high comfort MF 7600-style cab with new instrument display and right-hand console, pillar and panel
– Three roof options: Standard, Visio and Slimline, plus two cab positions allows users to select exactly the specification to suit customers’ height and comfort requirements
– High flow (combined 100 litre/min) hydraulics operate loaders quickly and at low revs
– New right hand joystick allows operators to control transmission, hydraulics and loader operation with one hand, gear shifts as well as loader functions all on finger tip controls
– Exceptional visibility for both loader and front linkage operation from new windscreen, sloping narrow bonnet and compact cooling package.

Ground-breaking three cylinder engine in the new MF5600 range of tractors
Developed specifically for use in tractors, the ground-breaking 3.3 litre capacity AGCO POWER engine which powers the new MF 5600 Series offers exceptional power from its three cylinders. On top of providing more output/cylinder the design is perfectly sized for the application and offers unrivalled levels of power and torque, generated at low engine speeds for optimum fuel economy. The ingenious design of its electronically-controlled, common-rail fuel injection and superb airflow through four valves/cylinder, means it requires only a maintenance-free Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and an element of External Gas Recirculation (EGR) to clean the exhaust gases to meet the Stage 3B emissions limits.

Compared with the more traditional four-cylinder engine, the AGCO POWER three cylinder unit is considerably more compact, allowing operators to benefit from superb visibility over the bonnet that is narrower than that on the MF 5400 Series. It also provides plenty of space for the new, easy-to-clean cooling package, configured in the same design as used in the larger MF 7600 range. Three cylinders means there are fewer moving parts that create less friction than four, leading to better fuel efficiency. Economy is further improved by the long, 500hr service intervals.

Chandlers Used-Massey-Tractors.com will shortly have an excellent selection of used, and ex. Demo Massey Ferguson 5600 series tractors for sale.

Photos of the Brand New MF5610 from the EIMA show launch fitted with the MF loader


To view lots more photos of the Massey Ferguson 5600 series tractors visit the MF5600 model page

The brand new MF5600 range of tractors will make their official UK launch at the LAMMA Show, read the preview coverage on the Farming UK website of the LAMMA Show launch UK launch of the MF5608, MF5609 and MF5610 in January 2013

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Massey Clothing & Toys Collection 2012-13

Massey Toy Tractors, Models, Coats, Overalls & Even Socks! (We draw the line at Massey Ferguson Underpants), are available in the stylish new Massey Ferguson Collection 2012-13

If you want to find a suitable present for a hard-working farmer, or his wife and kids then I am sure that you will find something you like in the Massey Ferguson Clothing and toy catalogue. Chandlers www.massey-parts.co.uk have a wide range of Massey overalls, children’s clothing, and Massey Leisure Wear to buy online for delivery worldwide.

Massey Ferguson Clothing Collection 2012-13

We have uploaded the full Massey Ferguson Merchandise Collection 2012-13 online in .pdf format so you can browse through the stylish and useful items, from coats, hats, caps, shoes, overalls, pedal tractors, to the ever popular Massey kids lunch boxes, Wellington boots and now even pyjamas!

If you ask nicely, we might even throw in the Massey Collection item of your choice when you buy a used Massey Ferguson tractor !

Visit Chandlers Used Massey Tractors full second-hand stock list to find your ideal used Massey tractor at www.used-massey-tractors.com

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Massey 135 tractor restoration in 24hrs by Wiltshire College

Students at Wiltshire College on their second year of the BTEC Level 3 course in Land Based Technology complete Charity restoration of Massey 135 tractor in 24hrs

Supported by AGCO Massey Ferguson with the parts required for the restoration from their excellent value range of 10+ parts the students completed the restoration of an MF135 tractor in just 24hrs in aid of charity. If you are considering restoring or refurbishing your used Massey Ferguson tractor, then you can buy the full range of Massey 10+ parts online at www.massey-parts.co.uk

To find out full details of the tractor restoration visit :


The completely restored tractor is now set for auction in Cheffins’ Vintage Sale in Cambridge, on Saturday 20 October 2012.

The proceeds of the sale will go to the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund (RAFBF), which provides financial, practical and emotional support to RAF personnel and their families.

You can still donate to this worthy cause by visiting –



You can view photos of the full restoration at www.facebook.com/wiltshirecollege

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My First Massey Ferguson Tractor

Chandlers (Farm Equipment) 4th generation gets his First Massey Ferguson Tractor.

Fraser Hart, Grandson of Managing Director Howard Pell of Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd is clearly delighted to be driving his first Massey Ferguson tractor!

He might have a bit of growing up to do before his needs a range topping MF8690 or even a more moderate sized MF6480 ! … Or even a toy tractor with pedals, but everyone at Chandlers is pleased to see he has already made a good choice with this ‘push’ powered Massey Ferguson toy tractor model.

20120923-113942 AM.jpg

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Massey Ferguson 7616 Dyna-6 ploughing match

Chandlers brand new Massey Ferguson 7616 Dyna-6 tractor was in use last weekend at one of the first ploughing matches of the autumn cultivation season.

With the Massey Ferguson Excellence specification package, twin electric spools and the very useful features of cruise control and automatic headland management, pretty much all that the driver needs to do is keep it straight and level! Which he had plenty of time to do, allowing full concentration on the implement (in this case a 5 furrow Lemken Euro 8 manual vari-width plough), and starting the ploughing match season off very well with a win.

Just like the award winning Massey Ferguson 7600 series of tractors winning the coveted Tractor of the Year award at Agritechnica.

Chandlers used Massey Ferguson tractors will soon have a selection of low hours Massey Ferguson 7600 series tractors for sale. If you don’t see the exact model advertised that you are interested in please let us know and we will soon find you one.

20120912-054703 PM.jpg

20120912-055633 PM.jpg

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