Massey Ferguson 6600 series 4 cylinder tractors

Massey Ferguson launch the Brand New MF6600 series tractors at SIMA Show in Paris

The eagerly awaited new range of 4 cylinder tractors have been launched by Massey Ferguson at the SIMA Show. The range comprising 5 models, the MF6612, MF6613, MF6614, MF6615 and MF6616 all feature the state of the art AGCO power 4.9 litre SCR technology fuel-efficient 4 cylinder engine. This gives a short wheelbase, for excellent manoeuverability, and the light compact 4 cylinder engine design produces a high power to weight ratio for excellent all round capability.

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MF6600 tractors, 4 cylinder for light/compact and manouverability

Massey Ferguson 6600 tractor

With 5 new models in the Massey Ferguson 6600 range, the MF6612, MF6613, MF6614, MF6615 and MF6616 all featuring the 4.9 litre AGCO power 4 cylinder SCR fuel-efficient diesel technology. The MF6600 tractors range from 120hp to 160hp standard power and up to 185hp with intelligent power management boost in the range topping MF6616 tractor. With a compact wheel base and high power to weight ratio the MF6600 tractors are light, compact and maneuverable and will be ideal for a wide range of tasks on farm.

Internal view of the ergonomic layout of the MF6600 tractor cab

Massey Ferguson 6600 tractors cab

Driver comfort is taken care of with the same excellent range of features found on the bigger brother 6 cylinder MF7600 series, with Essential, Efficient and Exclusive specifications available.

Massey Ferguson 4.9 litre AGCO power SCR diesel

Massey Ferguson industry leading fuel efficient AGCO Power 4 cylinder 4.9 litre SCR diesel

The Massey Ferguson 6600 tractors come with a range of different transmission options depending upon the model, including the Dyna-4, Dyna-6 and Dyna-VT constantly variable transmissions.

MF6600 tractors Dyna-6 transmission

Massey Ferguson 6600 series Dyna-6 transmission

MF6612 – Dyna-4
MF6613 – Dyna-4 0r Dyna-6
MF6614 – Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT
MF6615 – Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT
MF6616 – Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT

MF6600 series Dyna-4 transmission

Massey Ferguson Dyna-4 transmission

Download the brochure on the Massey Ferguson 6600 range of tractors

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