Chandlers Sales Team visits the Massey Ferguson Tractor Factory in Beauvais, France

imageThe Chandlers sales team recently visited the Massey Ferguson tractor factory in Beauvais, France. With the brand new Beauvais 2 production facility for cab assembly, and major investment in the tractor manufacturing  plant at Beauvais 1 in both the assembly area and GIMA transmission factory there was plenty to look at. Employing more than 2,100 people at Beauvais 1, and a further 220 people at Beauvis 2. The combined output could now reach 150 tractors per day if demand required it.

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Massey Ferguson Global Series MF4700, MF5700 & MF6700

The global range of Massey Ferguson tractors are now complete with the launch of the MF4700, MF5700 and MF6700 series tractors. The MF4700 series comprises 3 models MF4707 – 75hp, MF4708 – 85hp and MF4709 – 95hp. The MF5700 series with the same style, cab and features but with increased rear lift capacity includes two models the MF5710 – 105hp and MF5711 -115hp, while the range topping MF6700 series includes the top two models the MF6712 – 125hp and MF6713 – 135hp again with the same features and style but increased strength and lift capacity, now up to 5.2 tonnes, to suit the increase in horse power.

The MF4700, MF5700 and MF6700 are all part of Massey Ferguson Global series of sturdy, and straightforward all-purpose tractors. Manufacturered for the UK market at the main Massey Ferguson tractor factory in Beauvais, France. They are assembled to the same high standards as their larger brothers, using state of the art manufacturing, design and testing processes.

The whole range features the well proven AGCO Power SISU engines, with the MF4700 series being 3 cylinder whilst the MF5700 and MF6700 get 4 cylinder units. With a modern spacious and ergonomically designed cab, or the option of ROPS – roll bar versions, and available in either 4WD or option of 2WD there will be a model of Massey Ferguson

MF6700 series product specification

Massey Ferguson 6700 series product specification

Massey Ferguson 6700 series brochure

MF6700 series technical specificaiton

Global tractor to suit your task. Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, the MF4700, 5700 and MF6700 tractors all feature a 12 x 12 Syncho transmission, with the option of either a simple mechanical clutch, or a left hand Powershuttle as we are familiar with on the larger models of Massey Ferguson.

With advanced powerful open centre hydraulic systems, up to 98litres/min oil flow, simple to use electronic rear linkage control, and a range of options to suit every task the MF Global series are a truly modern range of utility tractors.

Designed to work optimally with the range of Massey Ferguson front end loaders. These are highly versatile tractors for every in field and farm yard task.

For more information visit our Massey Ferguson 4700 series technical information.

Tractor Model/Range Engine Wheelbase mm Lift Capacity
MF 4700                       3cyl      2250                   3.0T
MF 5700                       4cyl      2430                   4.3T
MF 6700                       4cyl      2500                   5.2T

MF4709 straw bedding IMG_8559 IMG_8560 IMG_8561 IMG_8562
IMG_8564 IMG_8565 IMG_8566 IMG_8567
MF4700 ROPS gearlever MF4700 ROPS grass harrow MF4700 transmission mf4700-gallery1

mf4700-slide3 mf4700-slide4 mf4700-slide6 mf4700-slide7 MF4707 ROPS and MF936X loader MF4708 ROPS platform
MF4709 cab MF4709 cabbed tractor MF4709 ROPS global tractorasse

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Brand new models of Massey Ferguson 7700 launched at SIMA Show

The full range of brand new Massey Ferguson 7700 series were launched at the SIMA Show in Paris. 

With models from 130 HP to 260 HP all featuring Tier 4 final emission complient AGCO Power SISU Diesel engines, achieving Tier 4 using SCR adBlue technology only without the need for DPF (diesel particulate filters) or EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), cost of ownership has been reduced through lower service costs.

Available with Dyna-4, Dyna-6 & Dyna-VT transmissions – with Variable Power Management across the range of models and transmissions. 

Upgrades over the previous models include longer travel front suspension (140mm), brand new dash boards, new cab suspension, improved tyre options on MF7626 (to include 650/85R38), increased lift capacity on linkages.


Massey 7718 Dyna-VT tractor

Dyna-VT transmission with Power Boost

Dyna-VT transmission with Power Boost

New 140mm travel front suspension with increased turning angle & travel

New 140mm travel front suspension with increased turning angle & travel

To find out more information about the new range of Massey Ferguson 7700 series visit the model page 

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Massey Ferguson Website

Massey Ferguson official UK website has recently undergone a striking transformation. Featuring a modern clean design, the official Massey Ferguson website now is fitting and appropriate for what is arguably the most stylish tractor range on the market today.20130602-094830 AM.jpgWith the Massey Ferguson website rich in features, such as a slider to narrow your search to a particular HP range, and display each range featuring that HP, as well as a user controlled 360 degree ‘virtual tour’ of each of the models, you can quickly get a feel for the Massey Ferguson tractor you are interested in.20130602-095243 AM.jpg20130602-095330 AM.jpg20130602-095344 AM.jpg20130602-095357 AM.jpg20130602-095408 AM.jpg Each tractor model range has a page giving key information about the Massey Ferguson tractor.20130602-100252 AM.jpgMassey Ferguson 3600 arable & fruit tractors20130602-100427 AM.jpgMassey Ferguson 3600 vineyard tractors20130602-100509 AM.jpgMassey Ferguson 5600 tractors20130602-100548 AM.jpgMassey Ferguson 6600 tractors20130602-100658 AM.jpgMassey Ferguson 7600 tractors20130602-100739 AM.jpgMassey Ferguson 8600 tractors

If you want to go into more detail on the technical information, there are clear and concise sections on the features on each range of Massey Ferguson tractor.20130602-095945 AM.jpgIf you want to see a full video product walk around, then each Massey tractor model has a profession tour from one of the Massey Ferguson team.

20130602-101026 AM.jpg

If you are interested in downloading a brochure on any of the Massey Ferguson tractor models, they are available to view online at Chandlers website, click this link to view .pdf versions of all the latest Massey tractor brochures

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Used Tractors

Thinking of purchasing a tractor ? How do you decide whether to buy a new tractor or a used tractor ?

We would be interested to hear your thoughts on buying a used tractor versus a new tractor. Here are a few of our ideas on the balance of benefits of either route to owning a tractor fit to carry out your application.

20130522-094743 PM.jpg

With excellent packages supplied with new tractors, including attractive 0% finance schemes, long manufacturer backed warranties, and the ease of choosing exactly the right specification for your particular application. Demonstrations of all the new shiny models of tractors, with the latest in technical gadgets, buying a new tractor can seem a very attractive option. Especially if your tractor driver has been swatting up on the brochures on the latest models of tractor, and is dropping hints every day!

The convenience of buying a new tractor can be very appealing, however many of the benefits of the packages on new tractors can also benefit the purchase of a used tractor. First and foremost, the long warranties available on new tractors, are often still current on a used tractor part exchanged before the end of its warranty period. We would argue that there has never been a better time to buy a used tractor. With buyers of new tractors maintaining a full dealer service history, in order that extended warranties are valid, there has never been more choice of quality used tractors with main dealer manufacturers full service histories, and the benefit of the balance of a manufacturers warranty. Even if the manufacturers warranty has expired, the benefit of a recently expired manufacturers warranty is that it ensures that all repairs to date will have been done with genuine AGCO Massey Ferguson parts, to an ‘as new’ standard by a main MF dealer, and it will have had a full service history, using the correct oils and on schedule. This means that Chandlers Used Massey Tractors are always confident to provide a dealer backed warranty, safe in the knowledge that the tractors are in excellent condition and fit for a long life ahead, and are highly unlikely to cause any issues for their latest owner.

20130522-101555 PM.jpg
As with all purchases of capital equipment, managing cash flow can be an important part of the buying decision. 0% finance schemes on new tractors can make all the difference, by spreading the purchase price over several years with no additional charge. However with the current record low Bank of England base rate, the cost of finance on a used tractor can be much less than you might imagine. If you are interested in finding out the typical cost of HP (Hire Purchase) finance on a used tractor, then you can use Chandlers Used Massey Tractors instant online finance calculator to work out a repayment profile to suit your cash flow. It goes without saying that because the price of a used tractor will be much less than a new one, the repayments are likely to be considerably lower anyway!

Another major recent plus point for the purchase of a used tractor is in the excellent durability and finish all all modern tractors. Gone are the days when rust and corrosion took its toll, and cab interior trim deteriorated fast. Modern used tractors rarely need more than a good vallet to look as good as new. Most tractor owners take great pride in the daily maintenance and cleanliness of their tractors, ensuring they get the best performance from them, which means many used tractors are literally as good as new!

Which ever route you go down, buying a new or used tractor, we hope that you will make it a purchase of a Massey Ferguson tractor!

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Massey Ferguson 6600 series 4 cylinder tractors

Massey Ferguson launch the Brand New MF6600 series tractors at SIMA Show in Paris

The eagerly awaited new range of 4 cylinder tractors have been launched by Massey Ferguson at the SIMA Show. The range comprising 5 models, the MF6612, MF6613, MF6614, MF6615 and MF6616 all feature the state of the art AGCO power 4.9 litre SCR technology fuel-efficient 4 cylinder engine. This gives a short wheelbase, for excellent manoeuverability, and the light compact 4 cylinder engine design produces a high power to weight ratio for excellent all round capability.

Visit the MF6600 tractor range technical specification page on

MF6600 tractors, 4 cylinder for light/compact and manouverability

Massey Ferguson 6600 tractor

With 5 new models in the Massey Ferguson 6600 range, the MF6612, MF6613, MF6614, MF6615 and MF6616 all featuring the 4.9 litre AGCO power 4 cylinder SCR fuel-efficient diesel technology. The MF6600 tractors range from 120hp to 160hp standard power and up to 185hp with intelligent power management boost in the range topping MF6616 tractor. With a compact wheel base and high power to weight ratio the MF6600 tractors are light, compact and maneuverable and will be ideal for a wide range of tasks on farm.

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Will there be a New Massey Ferguson 6600 series launched at SIMA Show ?

Massey Ferguson have yet to launch a new Massey Ferguson range of 4 cylinder tractors, replacing the MF5470/MF5480 and MF6460/MF6470 which are now on short supply from the factory, will the MF6600 series be available at the upcoming SIMA Show in Paris ?

With the recent flurry of new product launches by Massey Ferguson, the Massey Ferguson 7600 range of 6 cylinder tractors in the spring of 2012 (from the 140hp MF7614 to the mighty 260hp MF7626), the brand new Massey Ferguson 5600 series (from the MF5608 at 85hp to the MF5610 at 105hp) at the EIMA show in Italy in the autumn last year (and the official UK launch of the MF5600 series at the recent LAMMA show). The hot topic of conversation in the office is what will the replacements for the outgoing 4 cylinder models (MF5470 & MF5480 and the MF6460 & MF6470) be like and be called. A fair bet would be a dedicated range grouping the 4 cylinder Massey Ferguson series, called the MF6600 series, keeping the smart new and instantly understandable names we are getting used to with the hp related MF7600 and MF5600 tractors, e.g. MF5608 (85hp) or MF7616 (160hp). If you want to be first to see one, our guess is to book your place at the SIMA Show in Paris from the 24th to 28th Feb 2013.

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Massey Ferguson at LAMMA Show

Massey Ferguson tractors combines and balers, front end loaders and telehandlers were out in force at LAMMA Show on AGCO Massey Ferguson award winning stand

Despite the wintry conditions, with a heavy frost blanketing the MF tractors, combines and balers on display, there was a large turnout for the LAMMA Show 2013, and plenty of interest created on the Massey stand by the winner of the engineering innovation award, the MF5610. The Massey Ferguson 5610 launched in it’s worldwide premiere at the EIMA Show in Italy, made its UK debut at the LAMMA Show, where it picked up yet more awards. AGCO Massey Ferguson were further praised by the shows organisers with the award for the best show stand.

MF5610 and loader Award winning Massey 5610 & Loader

Chandlers ( were pleased to support Massey Ferguson on their award winning stand Continue reading

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50 Shades of Grey (Ferguson)

In honour of the now best selling book “50 Sheds of Grey” the rather amusing Yorkshire mans spoof of the book series popular with women the country over, we thought for the tractor enthusiasts out there that there ought to be a version of the book titled “50 Shades of Grey (Ferguson). … Perhaps the more creative amongst you could add your input below in the comments…

The worlds most poplar and recognised tractor brand Massey Ferguson came to popularity with the Grey Ferguson, manufactured from 1946 to 1956. To find out more about the history of the Grey Fergie take a look at the Wikipedia article.

50 Shades of Grey (Ferguson)

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Massey Ferguson 1979 Company Video

Massey Ferguson in the pre-AGCO days, Company Video from 1979

This company video from Massey Ferguson shows the worldwide manufacturing and product range of Massey Ferguson at the end of the 1970’s.

Massey Ferguson 1979 Company Video.

Things have changed somewhat since the take over of Massey Ferguson by AGCO, but the Beauvais tractor factory in Northern France, featured in the video has gone from strength to strength. Watch a time-lapse video of the manufacturing of a Massey Ferguson tractor.

Watch a Massey Ferguson Tractor being built at the Beauvais Factory in France

Updated showreel of industrial motion control timelapse imagery, from all 3 shoots photographed at the AGCO / Massey Ferguson manufacturing plant in Beauvais, France.

Watch a Massey Ferguson tractor being built at the Beauvais Factory in northern France, in this amazing time-lapse photography video. At the Massey Ferguson factory over 100 tractors are produced everyday along the modern moving production and assembly line, where all the parts come together almost as fast as in this video.

Search for a Used Massey Ferguson tractor from our large stock of Massey Ferguson tractors at

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